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ProQuestEvery year we can count on seeing numerous articles on technology trends and predictions for libraries, education and consumers. Where do they intersect? While no single commentator can tell the future, taken together, several overarching themes emerge. Academic, public and school libraries have embraced the maker movement.

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Maker spaces are more than places for individual projects. Libraries are providing innovators and entrepreneurs the tools to turn their ideas into reality. This has a real world, economic impact. Brian Solis remarks, “The maker movement is “Shark Tank” for geeks and it doesn’t need judges to fund them; there’s Indiegogo, Gofundme, Kickstarter, et al.

September 22, 2016Jessie Ransom, Solutions Architect, Ex LibrisOne of my favorite things about libraries is how you can walk in looking for one thing and leave with so much more than you knew you wanted or needed. I have experienced this over and over, both as a patron and as a librarian.

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This is a fundamental value that libraries offer over the Google research experience. Google may give you what you are looking for, but it won’t give you all the resources you didn’t think to look for. As more and more patrons interact with the library online, and sometimes only online, it is important that we not lose this core added value.

The database recommender in Summon will match a search query to tags created by the library and the Summon community and suggest databases that the patron may want to explore. This is a great way for librarians to recommend specific resources for patrons who will never seek face-to-face help, and a great starting point for patrons who might be looking for a more targeted set of results.Ex Libris understands that exploration is a fundamental part of learning and of the research process.

User experience (UX) is high on libraries’ agenda. The topic seems to generate interest among both librarians and faculty members as they try to figure out what it takes to increase student engagement, effectively support students in achieving their academic goals, and, as a desired side effect, increase the use and value of library collections.

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One of the key aspects of UX is the way in which users interact with library applications via the user interface (UI). The decisions made during the design of a UI directly affect the user experience. For example, consistent design leads to repeatable and more intuitive workflows for users, increase the chances that users’ discovery activity will be successful, and raise user satisfaction.During the white paper: Delivering the Experience That Users Expect: Core Principles for Designing Library Discovery Services..

September 10, 2015Jessie Ransom, Solutions Architect, Ex Libris North AmericasSaaS solutions are becoming increasingly more common due to the many benefits for both software providers and customers. SaaS solutions are, simply put, significantly easier to administer, update, support and expand. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a model in which the software is licensed and the solution is accessed through the internet.

Mobile apps need to evolve to their users’ needs. Most apps have a very low retention rate and competition between apps for real estate on a user’s phone is intense. For an app to stay on your student’s phone, it needs to be fresh and relevant.Does this mean that you need to employ a website whole team of developers, or outsource development to a third party?Fortunately, no.

As long as you can roll out new features quickly and easily, your students will always have the most up-to-date information, right where they need it..